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Discover the Beat: Children's Commercial Street Dance Classes in Bolton at Sandham's Dance

Are you searching for engaging and energetic street dance classes tailored to children? Look no further than Sandham's Dance in Bolton! Our Children's Commercial Street Dance Classes are designed to ignite your child's passion for dance while promoting physical fitness, creativity, and self-expression.

About Our Street Dance Classes:

🕺 Engaging and Fun-Filled: Our street dance classes are more than just dance; they are a thrilling journey into the world of rhythmic moves and urban beats. We focus on making learning enjoyable, helping children aged 4-7 develop confidence and a love for dance.

🌟 Professional Instruction: At Sandham's Dance, your child will learn from experienced instructors who are passionate about teaching. Our team creates a supportive and nurturing environment where your child can thrive and develop their dance skills.

🎶 Commercial Street Dance: Our classes encompass a fusion of commercial street dance styles, incorporating elements of hip-hop, contemporary, and urban dance. Your child will groove to the latest hits and learn trendy choreography.

📅 Convenient Scheduling: We understand the demands of family life, so our classes are scheduled with your convenience in mind. Join us on ~Wednesday's from 5.00pm to 5.45pm am, ensuring your child has the opportunity to experience the joy of dance.

Benefits of Joining Sandham's Dance:

🤸 Physical Fitness: Our street dance classes provide an excellent workout, helping children stay active, build stamina, and improve coordination.

🎨 Creative Expression: We encourage your child to express themselves creatively through dance, fostering imagination and self-confidence.

🤝 Social Interaction: Dancing in a group setting promotes teamwork, communication skills, and the opportunity to make new friends.

👪 A Welcoming Dance Community: Become part of the Sandham's Dance family, where we celebrate achievements, share laughter, and support one another.

🌐 If you're looking for Children's Commercial Street Dance Classes in Bolton, Sandham's Dance is your top choice. Our classes are designed to enhance your child's skills, fitness, and love for dance.

Join Us Today!:

Don't miss the chance to enroll your child in our exciting Commercial Street Dance Classes. Contact us now to secure a spot, and watch your child flourish as they groove to the rhythm and become a confident, expressive dancer.

📞 Contact Information: 07801 719717

🩰 Dress Code: Comfortable clothing and sneakers/dance shoes are recommended.

Experience the Magic of Dance at Sandham's Dance Bolton: Let your child discover the beat, unlock their potential, and embrace the joy of dance with our Children's Commercial Street Dance Classes. Join us, and together, we'll make every step a memorable one!

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