DanceFusion - Kids Street Dance,Ballroom,Latin & Freestyle Dance

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🎉 Join our lively and engaging dance fusion class, specially designed for children aged 6 - 8 years and 9 years plus! Inspired by the glitz and glamour of popular dance shows like 'Strictly Come Dancing' and 'So You Think You Can Dance,' our class is a hit among young dancers. It's time to ignite your child's passion for dance and explore a world of diverse styles in one thrilling session.

Why Choose Our Dance FusionClass?

🕺 Explore a World of Dance Styles: Our class is a dance extravaganza where your child can immerse themselves in a variety of styles. From captivating Street Dance moves to groovy Freestyle Disco, sultry Latin American, graceful Ballroom, and high-energy Rock ‘n Roll, we've got it all covered. It's the perfect choice for both boys and girls who want to try it all!

🩰 Suitable for All Levels: Whether your child is a dance enthusiast or a beginner, our class caters to all skill levels. We start with a one-hour session and extend to one and a half hours as our young dancers become more proficient.

🔥 Warm-Up and Skill Development: Each class kicks off with an invigorating dance warm-up that gets those bodies moving and hearts racing. From there, dancers embark on a journey of skill development and self-expression, guided by our expert instructors.

🌟 Record Your Progress: For those eager to document their dance journey, we offer the opportunity to take IDTA Medal Examinations or QFQUAL Graded examinations. It's a chance to showcase your child's growth and achievements in the world of dance.

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At our studio, we don't just teach dance; we foster a sense of belonging and creativity. Join our dance family and experience the magic of movement, rhythm, and self-expression. Our classes are the perfect blend of fun, skill-building, and artistic exploration.

👚 Dress Code: Comfortable dance attire and appropriate dance shoes are recommended.

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Don't miss the chance to let your child shine on the dance floor! Enroll them in our dance fusion class, where they'll discover their passion for dance and embark on a journey of creativity, confidence, and fun. Join us, and together, we'll dance our way to happiness!


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