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  • Discover the World of Freestyle Acro Dance at Sandham's Dance

    🩰 Class Schedule: Join us as we dive into the thrilling world of Freestyle Acro Dance. Our classes are available onTuesday's , offering an exhilarating experience for young dancers who want to explore the fusion of dance and acrobatics.

    🤸 Benefits Beyond the Dance Floor:

    🌟 Life-Enhancing Skills: Freestyle Acro Dance goes beyond dance; it nurtures skills that will enrich your child's life. From flexibility and balance to strength and coordination, our classes instill invaluable skills that extend far beyond the studio.

    🤗 Boosted Confidence: As your child perfects acrobatic moves and dance techniques, they'll gain newfound self-assurance and confidence that positively impacts their overall growth and self-esteem.

    📚 Versatile Skillset: The discipline and dedication cultivated in our Freestyle Acro Dance classes are readily transferable to various aspects of life. Whether it's academics, athletics, or future professions, these lessons lay a robust foundation for success.

    🗣️ Effective Communication: Freestyle Acro Dance encourages self-expression through movement, fostering vital communication skills that will serve your child well in their personal and professional pursuits.

    🩰 Join Our Dance Community: Our studio is more than just a place to learn dance; it's a supportive community that nurtures growth, creativity, and self-expression. Join us and become a part of our dance family, where we celebrate achievements and foster the talents of young dancers.

     Enrol Today!:

    Empower your child with the magic of Freestyle Acro Dance, setting them on a path to a brighter, more confident future. Enrol them in our classes today and witness their transformation as they embrace the artistry of dance and acrobatics.

    👚 Attire: We recommend comfortable dance attire and appropriate footwear. Don't miss this extraordinary opportunity to enrich your child's life with the excitement and artistry of Freestyle Acro Dance. Join us, and together, we'll dance toward a future filled with grace, confidence, and success

  • Freestyle Acro Dance Timetable

    Day Dance Style Starting Age Time Monthly DD
    Monday Mini Freestyle Acro Dance 2-3 Years 16.15-16.45 £10.72 Month
    Monday Starter Freestyle Acro Dance 8 years plus 17.00-18.00 £19.50 Month
    Tuesday Starter Freestyle Acro Dance 4-5 years 16.30-17.30 £19.50 Month
    Tuesday Starter Freestyle Acro Dance 6-7 years 16.30-17.30 £19.50 Month
    Tuesday Competition Freestyle Acro Dance Invitation 17.30-18.30 £19.50 Month
    Thursday Foundation Freestyle Acro Dance Invitation 16.15-17.15 £19.50 Month
    Thursday Junior Freestyle Acro Dance Invitation 17.30-18.30 £24.37Month
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